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Thanks for the Uniform series: A serial killer that loves the feel of satin charmeuse!

Thanks for the Uniform: A serial killer that loves the feel of satin charmeuse!

A 25 year old blonde named Sabrina Smith was shopping in some very expensive stores. Sabrina’s favorite stores included very hot sexy lingerie, gown and dresses made from her favorite material satin charmeuse. At 5 ft 7 inches tall, 125 lbs with blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure that could stop a Mack truck dead in it’s tracks. Her breasts were a perfect 35c nice round and very firm with the perfect set of nipples, along a very perfect firm ass which would every woman on the planet jealous. Shopping gave her great enjoyment and she bought satin charmeuse bras, string bikini panties, camisoles, half slips, full slips, nighties, teddies, robes and now Sabrina was shopping for satin charmeuse gowns and dresses after putting the items she had bought earlier in the trunk of her expensive corvette. She had inherited a lot of money when her parents died and since being the only child got everything. Sabrina joined the U S Air Force and became an officer reaching her present rank of Captain O-3. This gave her a chance to get away from the leeches that was her family and shut them out of her life for good. By this time Sabrina had bought a really expensive big house, nice cars and anything she really wanted too. Her circle of friends were very small and she rarely seen them at all.

Unknown to Sabrina her lifestyle didn’t go completely unnoticed and had been stalked for months by a woman with jet black hair and killer blue eyes that watched, followed and observed Sabrina’s every move because she wanted that kind of life that the blonde hottie had. Nicole Waters was a 5ft 71/2 inch tall beauty with blue eyes and the same figure as Sabrina. Perfect 35c breasts with perfect nipples to match, Nicole notice that her and the blonde Sabrina had very similar looks as well as the same size. Nicole watched the blonde go into the expensive gown / dress shop and decided to follow her inside. As she observed the blonde hottie, Nicole would mimic her every move and facial expressions. She would take video of Sabrina when she could watching how she walked, listening how Sabrina talked. In the dressing room when Sabrina would try on her gowns and dresses, Nicole would get up on the bench inside her dressing room and video Sabrina getting undressed and dressed into her uniform, gowns and dresses. This gave Nicole a chance to see what her prey that she been stalking would wear underneath her Air Force uniform and Nicole loved at what she saw on the video. She would come up with a plan not only to take what the blonde hottie Sabrina had but to assume the blonde hottie life and identity for good, Nicole would do anything to get as well to have it even murder.

Sabrina bought 4 gowns and dresses then headed towards her car to head on home. Nicole decided to follow her prey to see where the blonde hottie was going. After about an hour Sabrina pulled into her long driveway very well hidden from view and very isolated. Surrounded by a brick wall, trees and heavy thick bushes that nobody could see into the yard or driveway leading to the house. The house was a two level ranch style house with a 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, inside/outside pool, hot tub, a full size cellar with rooms available for storage. The house sat on 20 acres of land with a wooded area in the back of the property. There was a flower garden leading up to the wooded area. Keeping Sabrina isolated from anybody that wanted to bother her. Little did she know that this would work as an advantage for a woman hell bent on assuming her identity. Sabrina pulled up to the garage, opened the door and pulled the red corvette into the garage. Nicole decided to drive down the long driveway and follow the blonde hottie and parked her car behind the thick bushes. She got out and pulled out a pair of binoculars to observe the blonde getting out of her corvette.

Sabrina opened the car door and swung her feet out exposing her nylon covered silky smooth legs. The skirt rode up her legs exposing them to mid thigh. If someone was close enough to Sabrina they would see the tops of the nude color silky smooth thigh highs that she put on that morning. This didn’t go unnoticed by Nicole who was watching from a distance with high powered binoculars. Nicole licked her lips and her mouth was watering as well as she watched the blonde hottie get out of her corvette. Sabrina lifted her body out of her car then swung around bending over showing off her tight ass underneath her military blue skirt as it tighten and rode up the legs. She retrieved her purse then walked around to the right side of the corvette to get her 4 gowns and 4 dresses out. The 3 car garage was attached to the house, Sabrina with gowns and dresses in hand opened the side door leading into a hallway which lead into the spacious kitchen. Nicole watched Sabrina go in and close the garage door, so she decided to leave as quietly as she could and review the video she had taken of Sabrina. She had ran into Sabrina months ago and was amazed by this blonde bombshell with a really nice tight ass. She was able to get her name and followed her home one day and decided to stalk her. Nicole just wasn’t a stalker of very beautiful women, but a serial killer of them as well, especially blondes. By her 18th birthday she had murdered blonde 3 teenage girls for their fancy satin charmeuse prom gowns. The authorities never found the bodies of the blonde victims. That is because of Nicole hid the bodies in a very remote location only known to her. After the heat cooled down, she went back and dug up the bones and put them into plastic containers which went inside a locked chest. As an adult she had murdered another 5 blonde women, taken all their wardrobes and put their bones into plastic containers and into the locked chest. Sabrina would soon be joining them but first she had to take care of her current little blonde at home first, which would be victim number 9. Nicole pulled up to the small hole in the wall apartment and went inside after getting her things out of the car. She quickly proceeded to strip nude in the bedroom and then opened the closet door. Nicole turned on the light exposing a blonde woman tied up, malnourished and almost dead. She grabbed her blonde prey, dragging her into the bathroom putting her into the tub. Too weak to fight back the tied up and thoroughly gagged woman didn’t even put up a fight as Nicole retrieved a knife from the kitchen. She came back into the bathroom, pulling the woman’s head back and slit the woman’s throat watching the blood drain from her victim, Nicole smiled from ear to ear. She knew that this inferior woman would never pass her genes onto the next generation. Nicole hung the woman upside down to help drain the blood from her victim as she massaged the body. Once she was happy and satisfied with the results, Nicole let her victim down, cut out her virgina and uterus, then placing them into a jar filled with formaldehyde. she washed the body and herself to get ready to bury the body at her secret location.

As Nicole was doing what she did best, Sabrina took her gowns/dresses up to the master bedroom. It was spacious with 4 huge walkin closets that had mirrors for the walls and sliding doors. A bed fit for a queen along with matching dressers and a makeup table. attached to the master bedroom is the master bathroom that had mirror walls a large bath tub/hot tub and a marble shower. It also had a chute for dirty laundry which went down to the laundry room. She hung up her gowns and dresses, she went back down to the garage to retrieve the other bags of sexy lingerie and took them upstairs to the master bedroom. She started to separate the lingerie, hanging them up in their own separate sections. Finally she got to the bra and satin string bikini / thong panties. Sabrina cut off the sale tags, folding them up and putting them away in their drawers according to color and pattern. These was her most favorite things to wear, for her and her alone wearing expensive satin charmeuse panties. Leaving her scent inside the cotton crotch lining marking them as hers. Sabrina couldn’t imagine that one woman wearing another woman’s panties but there was a women out there and she would find out soon enough just what kind of women they were. For now she was enjoying life and started to take off her uniform, she enjoyed walking around the house wearing nothing but her satin panties. She unbuttoned the 3 buttons on the blue jacket. She slides it off and then put it on a hanger, hanging the jacket up, next she unzipps the zipper, unfastens the outer clasp and slides down the blue skirt. Stepping out of the skirt with a blue nylon liner and clipping it to the hanger. Sabrina removed the black neck tab, setting it on the bed and then started to unbutton the buttons on the light blue blouse starting with the cuffs on the sleeves. Next came the button on the center of the blouse, she slides the blouse off and puts it on the hanger with the skirt, this exposed a white satin charmeuse full slip. She took the uniform to the walk in closet just for her uniforms, dress up skirts and satin charmeuse blouses.

Sabrina could feel the satin slip that came down to mid thigh move on her body as she walked to the huge walk in closet. She turned on the light and hung it up to wear the next day. She then walked out of the walk in closet, turned off the light and grabbed the gowns / dresses taking them to another huge walk in closet turning on the light and hanging them up in their own section according to color. She walked out, turned off the light and picked up the satin charmeuse slips, camisoles, teddies and nighties. Sabrina went into the 3rd huge walk in closet turning on the lights and inside was a collection of satin charmeuse undergarments sorted by color and what they were. After she hung these up she could now finish getting undress and relaxing for the rest of the evening. As she walked out of the third huge walk in closet, she removed the body hugging white satin charmeuse slip and removed the white satin charmeuse bra letting her perky breasts free and bouncing as she walked to the bathroom. Sabrina dumped the slip and bra down the chute and went down stairs wearing nothing but a american flag print satin charmeuse string bikini panties. As she walked down the stairs the panties moved back and forth just like flag would on a windy day. Sabrina loved the feel of the satin charmeuse on her body and how it moved on her body as well. She poured a glass of red wine and went into her huge living room to relax and watch some TV.

As Sabrina was blindly enjoying herself in the lifestyle she got accustomed too, Nicole was enjoying herself as well. She had washed completely the nude body of the now deceased woman removing any traces of blood and then dragged the her latest blonde prey out of the tub, into the bedroom for preparation for burial. Nicole crossed the blonde’s wrists and tied them with a piece of white sheet. Next she tied the knees, ankles and elbows in place. She then took a white sheet, spreading it out, then dragging the body onto it and in the center. As she doing this Nicole’s nipples where getting hard and her pussy was getting hot and wet. She took out white medical gaze and starting with the dead woman’s feet, wrapped the gaze around and made her way up to the woman’s head. Doing the final few wraps and then tying it off around the neck, she pulled over the one side of the white sheet, tucking it underneath and then pulling the other side over and tucking it underneath. Nicole folded the overage underneath the head, taking a piece of sheet tied it around the neck. She did the same for the feet and now the blonde’s body was ready to be buried at her secret location and nicole dried off. Nicole decided as a final insult to wear the clothes that the blonde bitch had on the day she dominated her. A royal blue satin charmeuse blouse, grey pencil mid thigh skirt, royal blue satin bra, royal blue satin charmeuse camisole, grey satin string bikini panties, nude color silky smooth thigh highs and grey pumps. Nicole cleaned out the woman’s checking account, maxed out her credit cards, sold the woman’s stuff and car on top of taking the woman’s clothes and sexy lingerie.

Nicole grabbed the right silky smooth thigh high, rolled it up and slipped it on pulling the thigh high slowly. She picked up the left one, rolled it up and slipped it on pulling the thigh high into place. Next Nicole picked up the satin royal blue bra and slipped it on. She fastens the hooks in the back, then adjusting the straps for a better fit. She picks up the royal blue satin string bikini panties and steps into them pulling the panties up and into place. Most women would never wear another woman’s panties but Nicole wasn’t just another woman, she was a female serial killer that not only killed blonde women but wore their clothes as well especially their panties. The panties covered the entrance way to the woman’s vagina and each woman had a scent of her own left inside the panties. Nicole felt that the woman that she was dominating didn’t deserve to have her scent left inside the panties. So Nicole would rub the cotton crotch against her vagina in front of her prey, not only was this humiliating to the woman being dominated but there was nothing she could do about it as Nicole made them watch her do it while the woman was all tied up and thoroughly gagged watched helplessly. Nicole rubbed the cotton crotch against her hot and wet pussy to get her dominant scent into the cotton, removing any scent the unfortunate owner had left inside the cotton crotch. By doing this Nicole marked the satin panties as hers now and she felt the feeling of being dominant go through her body. She picks up the royal blue satin charmeuse camisole and slips it on, adjusting the straps for a better fit. Nicole picks up the royal blue satin charmeuse blouse, slips it on and buttons the blouse up. Next she grabs the grey pencil mid thigh skirt with  a silk liner and steps into it. She pulls it up tucking in the blouse and camisole. Nicole zips up the zipper and steps into the grey pumps with  a 3 inch heel on them. She looks herself over in the mirror and applies a little bit of make to her face. Satisfied she bends down, grabbing the body and dragging it out to the trunk of her car. Nicole opened the trunk and picked up the body and put it inside. In the trunk was a pair of black slip on shoes to used at the grave site, that way she wouldn’t ruin the pumps she had taken from the women she killed. She got in and started her car, then drove to her favorite grave site. Nicole drove for about two hours and reached her spot. It was isolated and very well hidden in a patch of woods. No one ever came back here but land developers was buying the land around it and soon one day it would be gone. She pulled up to the spot and shut off the engine and got out. Nicole opened the trunk and removed the black slip on shoes and removing the grey pumps. She then removed the body from the sheet and then dragged the body to the ready made grave. She lifted up boards that covered the hole about 4 feet deep and 3 feet wide. The grave was lined with a self made box. Nicole with a help of a rope tied around the neck and feet, lowered the blonde woman’s body inside the wooden coffin. Nicole filled the coffin up with dirt, put the lid on and covered it up with more dirt. She put leaves, sticks, rocks and a log on top to hide the grave just in case someone came across it. Satisfied Nicole headed back to her apartment to start coming up with a plan to dominate a blonde hottie named Sabrina. She had what Nicole needed a well secluded place to be her base of operations and money, lots of it.

After another two hour drive, Nicole was back in her apartment. The first thing she needed to do was put away the jar with the blonde’s vagina, uterus and ovaries with the rest of her collection. She taped the woman’s drivers license to the jar, opened the floor boards by her bed and put the jar next to the other eight she had. After awhile the body parts would soak in the formaldehyde preserving them for ever. With that done She could now go onto the next thing and that was to get more intel on her next victim. Nicole had already sized Sabrina up and was a perfect match including the looks. She would have to dye her hair blond but women did that often in todays world. She would leave her pubic hair jet black to remind her of how dominant she was. A nice stripe down the middle would do the trick. Since this was a special one, Nicole would buy a pair of cheap white nylon panties, shove them up her vagina letting them soak her vaginal juices. A satin scarf would be used to hold in the panties with the knot also soaked in her vaginal juices. Foam tape 3 inches wide would be used to make sure the panties and knotted scarf wouldn’t come out. Nylon braided rope with no core would be used to tie up Sabrina extremely tight cutting off any circulation of blood, making any use of arms, hands, legs and feet useless. That part of the plan was done the other part was the execution of the plan, how to get inside, knock her out or force her to strip nude at gunpoint. The gun would have a silencer on it to muffle any sound if needed. Another thing Nicole thought about was to get inside and place video surveillance inside and get the codes for the security system. This would also give her insight to who Sabrina talked too, got dressed, undressed, walked, talked, facial expressions and her life in general. Nicole would also have a chance to get access to any safe in the house which would hold passcodes and words to any banks accounts, atm cards and credit cards. She would also get a hold of paper with Sabrina’s signature to practice it. That would come in very handy for later use at the banks, stores and the Air Force base where she worked.

Nicole would have to learn about just what Sabrina did on the base. All she knew that Sabrina talked about working in the intelligence office when Sabrina told one of the young girls at a gown shop one day. This was very useful information and Sabrina thought nothing of it at the time but to impress a young girl never thinking someone would be listening and taking it all in. This was a big mistake as Nicole loved to stalk her victim first and get to know the victims routine before moving in for the kill. She (Nicole) was just browsing around the lingerie shop one day when she overheard a blonde woman in an Air Force uniform talking about what she did. Nicole was there to spend on her eighth victim’s credit cards, who was already dead and buried. She already had victim number 9 picked out and would get the Military woman when she was done with victim number nine. This would be victim number ten and an exciting one at that. Up to now all of Nicole’s victims were civilian well to do women with good paying jobs, but this would be her first military victim and would have to come up with a different set of rules to carry out her plan. She would have to impersonate the Air Force woman for awhile until it was apparent that it was ok for her to disappear for good. She (Nicole) would start tomorrow gathering the intel she needed to get Sabrina and take her place. With the same looks, height, weight it would be easy to be Sabrina physically, but she had to know her socially (work, play, etc.) Her hopes, dreams, fears even what she was like being fucked in bed. This would be the hardest part and the most difficult information to obtain on Sabrina but it could be done. It would take a while but it would be worth it in the end. Nicole decided to head to bed and get up early the next morning and start her reconnaissance on Sabrina

Sabrina just relaxed at home shutting out the world around her, not knowing that soon her life, money, cars, house and clothes would belong another woman hell bent on taking it and there would be nothing she could do about it. She just sat there in her flag print satin panties enjoying the fine red wine without a worry in the world. After a few hours she decided to take a hot shower and sit in her hot tub before going to bed. Sabrina finished her wine and strutted her fine ass up to the master bathroom. She passed 3 more bedrooms with their own bathrooms. They 3 spare bedrooms were almost as big as the master but a little bit smaller. Sabrina would listen to the news on the small flat screen TV in her bathroom and the larger one in her bedroom. She would hear about women that had disappeared over the years and the authorities had no leads to find them. Sabrina thought about just why someone would do such a thing. All were the same age group (20’s) single, blonde and very attractive. “Must be a creep out there who love blonde women.” she said as she stepped into the shower. Sabrina thought it was a male but in reality it was a woman with jet black hair making the blonde women disappear. Since was new to the area she was noticed by anyone yet not even the males, so Sabrina assumed she was safe. It was the opposite, she already had scoped out by the killer and thought nothing about making small talk to a young girl at the lingerie shop months earlier. She got out of the shower and sat inside her hot tub as the news woman went over the missing woman over a 8 year period.

After an hour in the hot tub, Sabrina got out dried off and went to her bed covered in the finest satin charmeuse comforter and sheets, deep purple in color which made her blond hair stand out against the pillow. She had almost every color in the satin charmeuse sheets and she could afford them. Sabrina knew that most women would be jealous and would hate her for what she had. That is why she never made female friends, she felt that the women she met were stuck up and were thinking that they should have everything that Sabrina or any other rich woman had without having to work for it. It was an advantage and disadvantage to have no friends, advantage - no one would be able to take advantage of her wealth, disadvantage - if something would happen to her, nobody would know or be concern about it. She would often think about it but came to the conclusion that it was easier to be a loner than to deal with all the bullshit that came with friendships and relationships. Sabrina fell asleep and dreamed. Sabrina woke up and went to the bathroom to do her business and splash some water on her face. Little did she know that about an hour ago a car pulled into the driveway and was hidden behind the bushes that she would not able to see since her bedroom was in the back of the house and Sabrina never set the video or alarm system she had installed. She went back into the bedroom, opened the dresser drawer and took out a light blue pair of satin charmeuse string bikini panties a matching front closure bra and garter belt. Her hosiery would be neutral pair of thigh highs silky smooth to the touch. Sabrina slipped on the light blue satin bra over her perfect firm 35c breasts and fasten the front closure. She adjusted the straps for a better fit pushing up her cleavage a little. She grabbed the light blue satin garter belt, slips it on fastens the hooks in the back and then picks up the right silky smooth thigh high. Sabrina rolls the thigh high up, slips it over her right toes. As she pulls the thigh high up over her well smoothen shaven right leg. She pulled it up into place and fastens the thigh high to the fasteners. Next after smoothing out the right thigh high, Sabrina picks up the left one rolls it up and slips the thigh high over her left toes. Sabrina pulls it up into place and then she fastens the thigh high to the fasteners. Just like the right thigh high, she smooths out the left one. Sabrina wouldn’t never admit it but she always got a little excited when she got dressed in her sexy lingerie. She picks up the light blue satin charmeuse string bikini panties and steps into them. She pulls them up slowly into place feeling her tight firm ass in the palm of her hands. The cotton crotch was nestled up against her hot and wet vagina, soaking in her scent marking the satin charmeuse panties as hers. Sabrina strutted over to the make up table and did up her hair then applied the makeup and some perfume. She strutted over to the third huge walkin closet, slides open the mirror door automatically turning on the lights inside. She picks out a light blue / navy blue satin charmeuse slip, takes the satin slip off the hanger and slips it on. The slip falls over her torso forming to her body’s figure, then adjust the straps for a better fit. Sabrina walks out of the third walkin closet to the second huge walkin closet where she stored her uniforms, opens the sliding mirror door. When opened the mirror door the lights came on and she gets the uniform she wore the day before taking it over to the bed. She hung it up on the tall bedpost, then slides off the light blue blouse. Sabrina slips it on her and then started to buttoned up the buttons in the center, after that she buttoned the cuffs. She unclipped the blue skirt from the hanger and stepped into it. Sabrina pulled up the skirt over her silky smooth nylon covered legs tucking in the slip and blouse as she went zipping up the zipper and then fastening the outer clasp. Reaching underneath the skirt pulling down the the slip and blouse while she watched herself in the mirror door, she was now ready for her neck tab.

Sabrina was almost done getting dressed, she put on her neck tab making sure it was perfect then reached for the blue jacket hanging on its hanger. She removed the jacket, slipped it on and button up the 3 silver button. Once this was done she went over to the fourth huge walkin closet that had all of her shoes, slides open the door automatically turning on the lights. She went over to the military shoe rack and picked out a pair of black patent leather shiny dress shoes with a 3 inch heel on them and slipped them on. Sabrina did a final check of herself in the mirror, grabbed her dress cover, purse and keys then headed down stairs to the garage, She walked through the kitchen and down the hallway. Opening the door, Sabrina went into the garage and opened the garage door. Not really paying attention to her surroundings, Sabrina didn’t see the threat lurking behind the thick bushes near the entrance way of the garage. Nicole creeped up to the garage while Sabrina was getting dress. As the door went up Nicole watched Sabrina walk to her corvette. Once the door was fully open Sabrina climbed inside and sat her purse on the passenger seat, that’s when Nicole darted inside the garage and hid behind the black SUV while Sabrina was putting her purse and dress cover on the passenger seat. All Nicole had to do now was to wait for Sabrina to leave. Sabrina started the corvette, backed out and with a touch of her finger closed the garage door. As Sabrina drove off she never put on the security system and Nicole was thankful for that, it would mean the security cameras wouldn’t be on either. She waited for fifteen minutes before opening the door leading into the house and entering.

It took Sabrina one hour to get to the base, by this time Nicole proceded inside the house taking a look around. She loved at what she saw and knew it right then that this place would be perfect for her base of operations. She proceeded upstairs upto the bedrooms especially the master bedroom. Nicole took a quick look inside each of the spare bedrooms before saving the best for last, Sabrina’s bedroom. She opened the bedroom door and went in. Looking around she admired Sabrina for her taste in everything. Nicole quickly put down her bag, opened it up and went to work putting up the video cameras in various places. In the walk in closets, bathroom, hallways, living room, dining room, kitchen and the garage. She had put recording devices on the the house phone and then snooped around the place she found a slip of paper with Sabrina’s signature on it and took it. She lifted the pictures on the walls for any safes in the house and decided to head down to the basement. It was just as big as the upstairs with storage rooms that were empty. A very good place to keep her captives until she was ready to dispose of them. No safes were down here but the dirty laundry was and on top was the satin charmeuse string bikini panties Sabrina wore the day before with the American flag print on them. Nicole picked the panties up and took a whife before putting the panties in her pocket. She went through the dirty laundry taking a satin charmeuse slip, bra and a few more pair of panties. Nicole went back upstairs to the master bedroom and decided to do a more thorough search there. Once back inside the master bedroom, Nicole started her search. She opened one of the 4 huge walkin closets, the first one was filed with shoes, but tapped the floor anyways. No safe was in there, so she moved to the next one and slid open the door. Inside was Sabrina’s uniforms, dress suits, skirts and satin charmeuse blouses where. She took a good look around and no safe was inside so Nicole decided to take a grey dress suit, grey mid thigh  skirt and royal blue blouse satin charmeuse blouse with a matching satin charmeuse scarf. She went to the first walkin closet and took a pair of grey dress pumps with a 3 inch heel on them. Sliding both mirror doors shut she moved onto the third huge walkin closet, opening the sliding mirror door. Nicole was at a loss at what she saw and knew she hit the jackpot. She checked for a safe but there wasn’t one inside the walk in closet. She took a royal blue satin charmeuse camisole, a silver satin charmeuse mini slip that matched the length of the grey skirt. Nicole left the third walk in closet sliding the door closed and went to the fourth huge walk in closet, sliding the door open and when the lights came on her mouth was drooling at what she saw. satin charmeuse gowns, dresses and mini dresses. She checked for a safe and to her surprise there was one behind the gowns. It was unlocked, she slide it open and went through the stuff inside finding what she needed. Passcodes, passwords, pin numbers, banking information and the four digit number to the security system and the schematics to it. The location of the sensors and video cameras inside and outside of the house. She even knew where the brains of it where and she would soon connect her stuff to it. She copied everything down and took pics of the schematic and then put everything back to where it was so Sabrina wouldn’t get wise that somebody was there inside her house. She took a satin charmeuse royal blue gown, dress and a mini dress. Nicole felt that Sabrina had so many that she wouldn’t know if one was missing since she would take the hangers too from what she removed from the walk in closets, she also took a satin charmeuse night gown, chemise and a teddy. Royal blue was Nicole’s favorite color as were purple was Sabrina’s. Nicole packed everything inside her black back pack and decided to turn on her surveillance system, do a quick check on her laptop. Everything was a go as she scrolled through the various camera views of the house. Outside was good to go too, but before leaving she had to check out the patch of woods just beyond the flower garden. Nicole left the side door of the garage unlocked heading towards her car. She put everything in her car and headed on down to the woods. When she got there it was perfect, very dense on the outside and thin in the inner part and the trees were spaced apart as well. A very good place to bury the bodies of her unsuspecting blonde victims and to store the jars a perfect place inside the house. Once she got rid off the real Sabrina, Nicole would do some remodeling of her own. Nicole got into her car and left for her whole in the wall apartment to wait for Sabrina to come home and enjoy the show.

Sabrina was finishing up on some intelligence work,put away the secret papers and headed on home. Little did the blonde know that she had an unwanted guest this morning, taking a few things before the visitor left. She grabbed her dress cover, purse and keys then headed towards her corvette. She opened the car door and got in starting the engine. She backed out of her assigned parking spot and headed towards her home. After an hour on the roads Sabrina arrived at her house and couldn’t wait to get undress and walk around in her satin string panties drinking some wine. She wouldn’t be the only one enjoying it as Nicole was in her apartment watching her laptop for Sabrina. Then around 5 pm Sabrina pulled into the driveway and Nicole got excited as she watched the car come down the driveway. Sabrina opened the garage door and pulled the corvette in. She shut off the engine, shut the garage door and went inside. Nicole was observing all of this and decided that she needed video inside the car as well, just to get a look at her saluting and an up the skirt shot for her enjoyment. She would sneak in tonight to set them up, besides Sabrina didn’t even check the side door or even turn on the security system. Sabrina walked into the kitchen from the hallway sat her dress cover down along with her purse and keys. She proceeded upstairs to get undressed, Sabrina started to unbutton the 3 silver buttons on her blue jacket. When she got to her bedroom she slid off the jacket and hung it up on the hanger. She opened the second walk in closet and hung it up. She then began to strip out of her uniform, all the while unknown to her someone was watching her on video and enjoying every minute of it. Sabrina removed the neck tab and slipped off the patent leather black dress shoes. She unzipped the zipper of the blue skirt, unfastens the outer clasp and then slides it down over her silky smooth nylon covered legs. Sabrina hangs the blue skirt up on the clips on the hanger then unbutton the cuffs of her light blue blouse and then the buttons in the center. She slides the blouse off exposing the light blue / navy blue satin charmeuse slip hugging every curve of her body, hangs put it on the hanger over the skirt. Nicole licked her lips as she watched Sabrina get undressed. Sabrina took the blouse and skirt to the walk in closet and hung the uniform up and then lifted the satin charmeuse slip up and over her head removing it from her body, this exposed the light blue satin blue charmeuse bra, garter belt and string bikini panties. Sabrina bends over then unfastens the silky smooth thigh highs from the garter belt and slides them down taking each one off gently as not to snag it causing a run in them. She sets them aside, reaches up unfastens the front closure of her satin bra, sliding it off and laying it on the bed. Sabrina unfastens the hooks on the garter belt, removes it laying it on the bed. She picks up the silky smooth nylons, puts them into a small laundry bag along with the bra and garter belt put them down the laundry chute in the bathroom. Now wearing only her light blue satin charmeuse string bikini panties went down stairs to get a glass of red wine and soak in her hot tub. Nicole was taking it all in and got excited when she watched Sabrina strut her firm ass around in the satin charmeuse panties. With Sabrina’s panties in her hand Nicole rubbed them between her fingers as she watched Sabrina on her laptop. Soon she would be doing that as Sabrina as the real Sabrina watched all tied up and panty gagged. Nicole would keep Sabrina as a sex slave for awhile before doing her in. Sabrina had no idea that she was being watched and went about her routine her firm breasts bouncing a little every time she walked. She sat down watched a little TV and drank her red wine. This was very good information to have as Nicole watched and ate her dinner. Sabrina decided to get something to eat and made herself dinner. It was time to go to bed and Sabrina decided to head on up. She set her plate and wine glass in the sink. Nicole watched most of video as it was coming and soon would go to sleep after Sabrina did. Sabrina walked upstairs heading towards the bedroom, the satin string bikini panties moving on her tight firm ass as she walked. She got to her bedroom and crawled in after she pulled back the satin comforter and bed sheet. Sabrina enjoyed sleeping this way ever since she was a young preteen. As she was observing Sabrina, Nicole was getting all the information she could on the bank accounts, etc. She loved at what she saw and knew that she had hit the jackpot. Nicole decided to turn in for the night and get a good night sleep before heading back over to Sabrina’s place to install cameras inside the vehicles.

Early the next morning Sabrina awoke refreshed and ready to start her day. She got out of her bed going over the large dressers taking out a white satin front closure bra, deep purple satin charmeuse string bikini panties and a pair of silky smooth nude color thigh highs nylons laying them on the bed. She went into the bathroom turned on the water, slipping the satin panties down and off her body. Sabrina put the panties down the laundry cute. She stepped in the shower and shaved her legs and pubic region. All of this was being recorded by Nicole and watched later. Sabrina soaped up her body and then rinsed off. Shutting off the water, she grabbed the towel and dried off. She went over to the bed picked up the white satin front closure bra, slips it on and fastens the front closure adjusting the straps for a better fit. Next she picks up the deep purple satin charmeuse string bikini panties, steps into them and pulls them up into place. Sabrina picks up the right silky smooth nude color thigh high, rolls it up and slips it over her toes pulling it up over her well shaven smooth leg. She gets the thigh high into place and Sabrina smooths it out, picking up the left one rolls it up and then slips it over her toes pulls the thigh high up into place and then smooths it out. She struts over to the walk in closet and retrieves a white satin charmeuse slip that would hug every curve of her body. Sabrina slips the slip over her head letting it fall over her torso as the satin charmeuse clung to her body as it settled. She adjusted the straps for a better fit and then walked out of the walk in closet to the walk in closet that had her Air Force uniforms in. She grabbed a fresh one off the rack and took it out to the bed hanging it up on the bed post. Sabrina went the shoe walk in closet and grabbed a pair of patent leather shiny dress pumps with a 2 ½ inch heel on them taking them over to the bed and setting the dress pumps down.

By this time Nicole had awaken and turned on her laptop hoping she could watch Sabrina get dressed. The video screen comes up and Nicole starts to watch as she drank her coffee, she loved the satin slip on Sabrina’s body and how it moved. Sabrina grabbed the light blue long sleeve blouse taking it off the hanger and slips the blouse on button up the cuffs and the buttons in the center. She takes the blue skirt off the clips and steps into the skirt. Sabrina pulls the skirt up over her silky smooth legs tucking in the blouse and slip. She zips up the zipper and fastens the outer clasp, she reaches underneath the skirt pulling down the blouse and slip straightening out her uniform. Sabrina takes off the blue jacket from its hanger slips it on and buttons up the 3 silver buttons. She steps into the patient leather dress pumps and then looks herself over in the sliding door mirror. Satisfied with her appearance, Sabrina grabbed her purse, keys and dress cover then headed down stairs to the garage. As usual Sabrina never put on the alarm system, got into her corvette started the engine as the garage door opened and then backed out. She closed the garage door and headed towards the base as Nicole watched from her laptop. Nicole would get her stuff ready to install the video equipment inside the vehicles. First she would review the video she recorded and burn it to a cd. Nicole got dressed, she decided to pick out a royal blue satin charmeuse mid thigh dress with black silky smooth thigh highs, royal blue satin thong and black dress pumps. First she would take a shower first shaving her legs and trimming her jet black pubic region. Once she was done Nicole came out of the bathroom finishing drying off. She tossed the towel down on a chair and then picked up the right black silky smooth thigh high, rolled it up and slipped it over her toes. Nicole pulled it up over her well shaven smooth right leg into place. Next she rolled up the left one, slipped it over her toes and pulled it up over her left well shaven leg. Once she pulled it up into place Nicole smoothed both thigh highs out and picks up the satin charmeuse thong and steps into it and pulls it up into place. Nicole removes the royal blue satin charmeuse mid thigh dress off from the hanger, unzips the back zipper and steps into the dress. She pulls the dress up putting her perfect 35c breasts inside the cups, then zips up the zipper. Finally she steps into the black dress pumps with a 2 inch heel on them. Everything she was wearing belonged to victim number 9 and soon Nicole thought she would soon add on to her stolen wardrobe. She looks herself over in the mirror, satisfied she decided to grab the equipment she needed. Nicole would take over the stuff she would need to tie up Sabrina when the time came, that way it would be available if needed before the planned attack date. Nicole already took a few things of Sabrina’s and in a day or so wear them out on the town. She would observe Sabrina for a few more weeks. It would be a long weekend, the 4th of July. A perfect time to strike and still have time to play with her new captive. Nicole was still practicing Sabrina’s signature and she had already went through the bank accounts and credit cards. Nicole would go through the house again to do a double check to make sure she didn’t overlook anything important. Nicole grabbed the rope, tape, panties and the satin scarf stuffed them into a black back pack flung it into her shoulder. She picks up her the black bag containing the extra video equipment and headed out the door. She opened the car door setting the black bags on the passenger seat, started up her car and headed towards Sabrina’s. It took her about an hour to reach Sabrina’s house. She pulled behind the bushes to conceal her car, grabbed both black bags  and then walked up to the side door of the garage. She opened the door carefully and listen for an alarm. As before Sabrina didn’t put on the security system which made it easy for the deadly stalker named Nicole to gain access to Sabrina’s house. Nicole took full advantage of the lack in security to her advantage with no alarm sound Nicole went to work. First she hid the black back pack behind some boxes and then went to the black SUV. Seeing the SUV unlocked she open the drivers side door and placed a video camera underneath the dash pointing at Sabrina’s crotch when she sat inside the SUV to drive. Another one was placed on the top corner of the passenger side to view Sabrina from above. While she waited for the soon to be ex owner of the house to return she decided to put another video camera underneath the makeup table. A great shot at Sabrina’s crotch and one that Nicole was looking forward too. After she installed the video camera Nicole went down stairs and got something to eat. She poured herself a glass of red wine Sabrina’s favorite. After eating Nicole cleaned up and decided to relax until it was time to hide back inside the garage. She could now relax and enjoy herself in a house that soon would be hers.

At 4 PM Nicole decided to hide as Sabrina would be home in about 15 minutes. Sabrina opened the garage door and she pulled in her corvette. After shutting off the engine and closing the garage door, Sabrina got out grabbing her dress cover and purse. As she bent over the skirt rode up her silky smooth nylon covered legs showing the bottom of the lace of her thigh highs. Observing this, Nicole nipples got hard and her pussy got wet as she licked her lips knowing that the military issued skirt would do the same on her. She watched Sabrina close her car door and walk inside. Nicole waited for 30 minutes for Sabrina to get undressed and get into her routine. Nicole quietly opened the driver side door, she took out the video camera and installed it underneath the dash board for an up the skirt shot as Sabrina would drive the corvette. Another one was placed on the passenger side to get another angle of Sabrina mostly getting on base. This gave Nicole and idea to place another video camera in the front so she could get a street level view of the road signs, security and the building that she worked at. This information would come in handy as Nicole could see first hand what Sabrina saw to and from work. After she was done installing the video cameras Nicole waited for Sabrina to go upstairs and go to bed. She broke out her laptop and did a video check. She saw Sabrina relaxing and dozing off and Nicole knew it was time to go. She put away her laptop, grabbed her black bag and left closing the side door quietly and heading down to her car. Sabrina was in the back of the house so she wouldn’t see Nicole leaving and driving away. After an hour Nicole arrived home opened her laptop and started to view her prey sleeping on the couch until Sabrina got up and went to bed.

It had been several months and Nicole was ready and take Sabrina’s place for good. It was July 3rd and the start of the long weekend for Sabrina and unknowingly to her she was being stalked by a female serial killer. She got up as usual took a hot shower, dried off and went about getting ready. She pulled out hot pink pair of satin charmeuse string bikini panties. She stepped into the hot pink satin panties and pulled them up, getting them into place she opened another drawer and took out a light blue satin charmeuse bra. Sabrina slides on the satin bra, fastens the hooks in the back and opens the drawer with the silky smooth nylons. Sabrina picked out a nude color of thigh highs and laid them across the foot board. She went to the walk in closet, picked out a form hugging light blue satin charmeuse slip took it off its hanger then took the satin slip over the bed laying it over the foot board next to the thigh highs. Sabrina proceeds to retrieve a fresh uniform from the walk in closet that had them inside. she took a short sleeve light blue blouse a hanger with a blue jacket and blue skirt. Sabrina took them over to the bed, hung them up on the bar going across the bed. She went into the last walk in closet, picked out patient leather dress shoes with a 3 inch heel on them taking them over to the bed. She was ready to get dressed and enjoy her day before the long weekend, little did Sabrina know that it would be the last time she would put on the sexy satin charmeuse lingerie and her Air Force uniform.

As Sabrina was getting her stuff Nicole was waking up and she had already took most of the stuff she had over to her storage unit she rented and only kept what she needed. Nicole decided to take a shower and get ready to do what she did best. As Nicole was getting her day started, Sabrina picked up the silky smooth nude color thigh high, rolled it up and slides it on pulling the thigh high up her right leg and into place. Next she picks up the left one, rolled it up and slips the thigh high over her toes, sliding it up over left leg and into place. Sabrina decided to put on a little bit of makeup that the uniform regulations would allow, lipstick and perfume. She went back over to the bed, picks up the light blue satin charmeuse slip and slips it on letting it fall over her upper torso hugging every curve as the satin slip formed to Sabrina’s body. She then removed the blue skirt with a blue nylon liner from the hanger and steps into the skirt, pulling it up over her silky smooth nylon covered legs tucking in the satin charmeuse slip as she went. Nicole zips up the zipper, fastens the outer clasp and then removes the light blue blouse from the hanger. She slips the short sleeve blouse on and then buttons up the buttons. She picks up the black neck tab and puts it on, she then slips on the black patient leather dress shoes. Sabrina removes the blue jacket with a blue nylon liner from the hanger. She slips the jacket on and then buttons up the 3 silver buttons. Sabrina looks herself over in the sliding door mirrors, satisfied she heads down stairs grabbing her purse, car keys and her dress cover before going to the garage.

Sabrina opens the door leading to the garage, she opens the corvette’s drivers door (which turns on Nicole’s hidden video camera on) and gets in. She opens the garage door, started the vette’s engine and then backs out. She closes the garage door and heads towards the base. Nicole was done done with her shower, dried off and got dressed. She decided to wear a knee length sun dress with no panties underneath and slip on shoes. She reviewed the video from this morning and was pleased at what she saw on her laptop. Nicole turned off her computer, packed up the rest of her stuff and headed out never to return to the shit hole she called home for so many months. She would stop by her storage unit and drop off the stuff she didn’t need and then head to Sabrina’s place to get ready to take her place. Nicole arrived at Sabrina’s and pulled behind the bushes she always hid her car behind and then she walked down to the side door of the garage. Today just as usual Sabrina never put on her security system, a mistake that would make it easier for Nicole to accomplish  what she set out to do. She went inside heading toward the black bag she hid months ago. It was still there and she opened the black bag taking out the white nylon panties. Nicole balled them up and shoved them up her vagina, next she removed the gun and connected the silencer to the barrel. She decided instead of knocking Sabrina out she would force her to strip nude at gunpoint. To Nicole this was more fun and entertaining than knocking out her victims. Sabrina would be her tenth victim and Nicole wanted to remember this for a very long time, besides it would be recorded and she could watched it over and over again. It was 2 P M in the afternoon or 1400 hours in military time, Nicole went up stairs to Sabrina’s and hide inside one of the huge walk in closets, the one she picked had the satin charmeuse gowns inside. The length of the gowns would conceal her presence from Sabrina. Nicole knew from the video Sabrina always opened this one first before getting undressed and it would be a perfect time to strike. By the time Nicole got everything ready it was 4 P M or 1600 hours and Sabrina would be home with in minutes to start the long weekend but would never complete or enjoy because she would be all tied up.

At 1615 hours or 4:15 P M Sabrina came down the driveway, opened the garage door and pulled in her corvette. She shut off the engine and closed the garage door shutting out the outside world and preventing anyone from knowing about what was to happen inside the house. Sabrina opens the driver side door grabbing her purse and dress cover. Sabrina walked up to the door leading into the house and opened it. She stepped inside and proceeded upstairs to her bedroom. It only took a minute but she reached the door and opened it. Nicole hiding inside the walk in closet heard the bedroom door open and got ready to strike. Sabrina walked inside her bedroom like she always did but this would be the last time she ever would. She set down her purse, dress cover and keys, then opened the door to the huge walk in closet the light came on automatically and she stepped inside. Sabrina took three steps inside and Nicole came out behind the long satin charmeuse gowns with her gun drawn pointing it at Sabrina who had a shocked and surprised look on her face, but soon turned to a scared expression as the woman with jet black hair pulled back the hammer on her gun.

“Hands up and don’t move or talk, understand!” the mystery woman commanded. “Ok, ok just don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything you want.” Sabrina replied with a tremor in her voice. “Good little girl now go out to the bedroom and keep your hands up.” the mysterious woman commanded. “Ok i’m going. Why are you doing this to me?” Sabrina asks as she came out of the walk in closet back into the bedroom next to the bed. “Just shut the fuck up and do as you are told. Now start stripping, completely nude down to your bare ass honey!” the mysterious woman said with a hint of disgust in her voice. “Ok, why do you want my uniform?” Sabrina asks as she started to unbutton the three silver buttons. “I need your uniform and since i’ll be wearing it and i’ll take those undergarments too while you’re at it.” the mysterious woman said waving her gun up and down. “That’s sick wanting to wear another woman’s panties.” Sabrina replied as she slid off the blue jacket and laid it on the purple satin comforter. “You might think so Sabrina but I don’t mind wearing another woman’s panties especially yours.” the mysterious woman replied in kind as she watched Sabrina remove the neck tab and tossing it on the bed. “How do you know my name? What’s your name?” Sabrina asks as she unbuttons the buttons on her short sleeve light blue blouse. “Ok sweet cheeks, my name is Nicole and I have been stalking you for a long while. Just so you know who I am and it won’t get you out of this, now keep on stripping and put a move on it.” Nicole replied as she had a wicked smile on her face watching Sabrina remove the light blue blouse. Sabrina laid it on top of the blue jacket and then unfastens the outer clasp on the blue skirt. “Why did you stalk me Nicole if that’s your real name.?” Sabrina asks as she unzips the zipper. Sabrina slides down the blue skirt and steps out of it. She laid the skirt on top of the blue jacket and light blue blouse. Nicole liked at what she saw and she licked her lips. “Oh it was real easy to pick you out. Shopping at expensive shops, buying expensive clothes and lingerie. After following you home was easy as well, thanks for not putting on the security system that made it so easy to do what i’m doing now.” Nicole said with a laugh and a wicked grin as she watched Sabrina pull up the light blue satin charmeuse slip over her head and off. “I can’t believe this, why me? I never did anything to you.” Sabrina asks as she laid the slip on top of the uniform pile. “Because I wanted too and you had really nice gowns, dresses and lingerie that I really want.” Nicole said with a laugh and enjoying the strip show right in front of her. Sabrina unfastens the hooks on the light blue satin charmeuse bra and slips off her chest exposing her perfect 35c firm and perky breasts. This got Nicole excited as her nipples got hard and erect underneath the sun dress she wore. “I don’t understand why me?” Sabrina said as she started to slide down the right silky smooth nude color thigh high. Taking it off and then laying it over the footboard, she then slides down the left silky smooth thigh high taking it off as well and laying it next to the right one. “Now for those panties. Take them off slowly so I can enjoy it Sabrina.” Nicole said as she directed Sabrina. “What are you planning to do with me Nicole.?” Sabrina asks as she slowly pulled down the hot pink satin charmeuse panties slowly as Nicole watched and was clearly enjoying as what she saw. “You’ll see soon enough my dear put the panties on the bed, put hands on top of your head and get on your knees.” Nicole directed Sabrina as she took her black back pack off and retrieved some rope. “Ok i’m doing it just don’t hurt me. You have what you want, my uniform and lingerie.” Sabrina replied as she put her hands on top of her head and got on her knees. “Nice metal chair you have here. A nice chair to tie you up in.” Nicole said as she retrieved the metal chair and put it behind Sabrina keeping an eye on her prey. “Now get up and sit in the chair, put your arms behind your back clasping your hands together.” Nicole told Sabrina as she kept a close eye on Sabrina retrieving the first length of rope. “OK.” came from Sabrina as she got up, sat down in the chair and put her hands behind her clasping her hands together. “Don’t do anything stupid Sabrina, understand!” Nicole told Sabrina as she put the end of the barrel to the back of Sabrina’s head. “Yes, I understand. I’ll do what you want me to do.” Sabrina replied as she felt the rope being applied around her wrists. “I’m going to enjoy this part and you will to.” Nicole said with a smile on her face as she wrapped the rope around Sabrina’s wrists 3 inches wide and then pulled the rope as tight as the rope would go. Nicole wrenched in pain as this was happening, Nicole being satisfied that the rope was tight as possible tied it off with several tight knots. “Hey the rope is too tight, you’ll cut off my circulation.” Sabrina said wincing in pain. “Hey I said enjoy it, you’re going to get a lot more rope soon enough so deal with it.” Nicole said retrieving five more lengths of rope out and wrapping one around Sabrina’s elbows. “Please not so tight.” Sabrina begged as she felt the rope being wrapped around her elbows and being pulled tight making sure the elbows were touching each other. Just like the rope around the wrists, the rope  around the elbows was 3 inches wide and pulled as tight as it would go and then several tight knots were tied off securing the wrists and elbows together. Sabrina winced in pain as the elbows were being tied together and she knew her ankles would be next. “Please Nicole not so tight, it hurts.” begged Sabrina but it fell on deaf ears as Nicole began to tie Sabrina’s left ankle to the chair. First a figure eight wrap and then wraps the rest around pulling the rope tight. Sabrina winced in pain as the rope was pulled tight and then several tight knots tied off to secure the rope. With a wicked smile on her face Nicole grabbed another length of of rope and just like the left ankle did a figure eight at first pulling it tight. Nicole then wrapped the rope around pulling it tight, when she was done the rope on both ankles were 3 inches wide and tied off with tight knots. Sabrina winced in extreme pain as she felt more rope was figured eight around her right knee then wrapped the rope around pulling it tight until the rope was 3 inches wide. Tugging on the rope, Nicole tied the rope off with several tight knots. Sabrina winced in pain as she felt the rope being figured eight first and then wrapped around her right knee, Nicole smiling as she pulled the rope tight. Nicole tied the rope off tight with several knots. “A few more lengths of rope and we’ll be done with tying you up.” Nicole said as she grabbed the last three lengths of rope and unwound the first one. “What are you doing to me?” Sabrina asks as she felt rope being applied to her tied wrists. “I’m tying you up sweety and making sure you don’t go anywhere.” Nicole responded as she wrapped the rope around Sabrina’s secured wrists then around her waist securing the arms to the chair and the body. Nicole pulled the rope tight and tied it off, next after picking up the length of rope Nicole wrapped it around Sabrina’s chest, above and below the perky firm breasts. “No this can’t be happening.” Sabrina cried out as Nicole secured the breasts rope pinning the upper body to the metal chair. “Just one more rope to do and then it’s time for your gag.” Nicole said with laughter in her voice. She took the last length of rope looped it through the bottom rung then under Sabrina’s left butt cheek and leg. Sabrina felt the rope being tugged underneath and then sliding into her butt crack. She knew that this rope would make her pussy very sore. Nicole with a smile pulled the rope underneath the pussy then passed it underneath the waist and breasts ropes. She split the rope then underneath the top bar and then back over the shoulders. Nicole pulled on the rope tight and then wrapped it around the breasts ropes squeezing the perky firm breasts together as Nicole tied it off. Sabrina screamed in pain as the rope was pulled tight and really screamed as it was tied squeezing her breasts together. Nicole watched as Sabrina squirmed all tied up in the metal chair and had a huge smile on her face as she knew what was next. “Just relax Sabrina and accept it, your are tied up extremely tight and you won’t get loose.” Nicole told Sabrina as she now went to get the panty gag ready. “NO, let me go!” Sabrina screamed as she fought the tight bondage trying in vain to get free. “Nope, I’m afraid I can’t do that honey. You were dominated by me and your sweet ass is mine now. I thinks it’s time to keep you quiet with a hot pair of my panties crammed into your pretty mouth.” Nicole responded as she pulled out the white satin scarf with a medium size knot in the middle. She stepped in front of the Sabrina reached underneath her sundress sticking her fingers inside her vagina pulling out a white pair of nylon panties that was soaked in her pussy juices. “Now Sabrina you can do this the easy way or the hard way? So be a good little girl and open up.” Nicole told Sabrina as she held the panties near her mouth. Sabrina moved her head back and turned her face away. Nicole got pissed and grabbed Sabrina’s hair pulling her head back. “I said open up bitch.” Sabrina resisted feeling the pain as her hair was being pulled. “NO!” was Sabrina’s reply through clenched teeth. Nicole got really pissed slapping Sabrina’s face and then pinching her nose holding the panties on Sabrina’s lips. “You have to take a breath some time bitch.” Nicole said smiling knowing that her pussy juice soaked panties would eventually be inserted into Sabrina’s mouth. Sabrina tried as hard as she could to break free her nose and take a breath. Soon after 2 minutes Sabrina had no choice but to open her lips and try to breath, but Nicole twisted the nose and Sabrina opened her mouth to scream from the pain. Nicole was quick to push in the panties then clamping her hand over Sabrina’s mouth so she could get the knot of the satin scarf in Sabrina’s mouth. She inserted the knot , pulled the scarf tight then wrapped it around the lower jaw and then tied it off in the back of the neck. “There now a nice pair of tasty panties in your pretty mouth. Lets make sure that those panties don’t come out.” Nicole said as she grabbed the roll of 3 inch wide foam tape and started to wrap a layer around the lower jaw. “MMMPPPHHH!” came from Sabrina as the foam tape was being wrapped around her head and lower jaw. Nicole wrapped the foam tape just under the nose then back behind the head. At least five good layers of foam tape was wrapped around Sabrina’s head and lower jaw preventing any chance of the panties comin out and Sabrina yelling for help. “There now all nice and quiet, the way I like my victims. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina through her gag.   

Nicole was very happy with the results, putting her hands on her hips stood in a dominant stance gloating that she had so easily forced Sabrina to strip completely nude and tied her up. “I really do love this and I’m so good at it as well. That was the easiest time I ever had. No fight for life or problems from a very submissive female who gave everything right up.” Nicole said gloating and smiling from ear to ear. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina at Nicole rubbing it in that she never once tried to fight for the gun. Nicole laughed as she knew that it was getting to Sabrina and that the effects of the tight ropes turning the hands, arms, legs, feet and the breasts a blueish purple color as the lack of blood was evident. Sabrina couldn’t see her hands and feet but could see her breasts and could feel a tingling feeling that came when the extremities feel asleep. She kept on moving her hands and feet pulling on the tight ropes trying her best to loosen them. “Just to let you know Sabrina I’m a serial killer that has killed nine women so far. The ninth was buried not to long ago. So you see you are my tenth or maybe I might just keep you as a sex slave?” Nicole said with a smile on her face. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina through her panty gag. “You are no longer Sabrina, I am. Nicole will disappear for good. I plan on taking over your life as I have stalked you for a long while and was able to get the information I needed to complete the transformation including practicing your signature. Thanks for keeping yourself so isolated from everyone that could possibly spot an imposter. No family, no friends just you by your lonesome and that money which is now mine along with your house, vehicles, jewelry and that fabulous wardrobe of yours.” Nicole said with a smirk on her face. “MMMPPPHHH!” replied Sabrina shaking her head “NO” as she realized what this bitch was really about. She would pick out women that were rich and successful, stalk them and then kill the women and assume their lives, taking everything the women had. “My first three victims were all teenage girls, around the prom. You could say the 3 stuck up bitch ass blondes never made it. I still have their satin charmeuse prom gowns and their remains in a plastic containers. The other six blonde bitches were all business women, stuck up and deserved what they fucken got. I even cut out their uterous and vaginas, placing them in a jar of formaldehyde preserving them forever as my trophies.” Nicole gloated as she laughed. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina in horror as she knew that soon she would share the same fate as the previous nine unlucky women that was stalked by this female serial killer. Sick and twisted but very dangerous as she was very intelligent on how she went about killing the women who she stalked. Most serial killers were men never a woman that ever did this kind of killing but Nicole if that was her real name was the first female serial killer who preyed on other women, blondes for that matter. It would be only a matter of time before her life would be ended by this sick as bitch. “I really love this house and decided that this will be my base of operations, a really nice place outback to bury the bodies and a really nice storage place for the skeletal remains. Well sweet cheeks I have to go and get ready, retrieve my car and stuff then get settled in, so don’t go anywhere Sabrina.” Nicole said as she hit Sabrina at the base of her head knocking her out cold.

Sabrina didn’t even have a chance to scream or let out anything when the but of the gun hit her head. She was out cold wouldn’t know anything until she regain consciousness if she ever did. Happy Nicole now had the time to do what she needed without any worry that Sabrina would escape. Nicole put the gun back into her backpack and headed to her car and pull it into the garage to start unloading her most valuable stuff, especially the plastic containers and the mason jars holding her most prized trophies. Nicole retrieved the plastic containers and the mason jars first taking them down to the basement. She opened the first storage room and put them inside. Next it was the wardrobe that was taken up to the spare bedroom next to the master bedroom. Once this was done she made a phone call to have a junk yard to come and get her car. She sold it for a few hundred dollars and now with the last trace of her gone, it was time to start her new life. Nicole went back upstairs, checking on Sabrina who was still out cold. Nicole slipped off her cheap slip on shoes and then pulled up the sun dress she was wearing dropping it on the floor. Now completely nude Nicole looked at herself in the sliding door mirror one last time. She took a selfie with her being a brunette enjoying it and now it was time to make herself over into a blonde. Nicole went into the master bathroom and started to dye her hair blonde. Once the required time was up, Nicole washed her hair which was now a golden blonde color no longer jet black. Satisfied she stepped into the shower, shaved her legs and pupic region leaving a quarter inch wide stripe down the middle, a reminder of her jet black hair and dominance over her blonde victims. After a nice hot shower Nicole stepped out from the shower, dried herself off and went back into the master bedroom.

By this time Sabrina was coming around looking around wondering if this was all a bad dream, but it wasn’t. When she saw Nicole coming out of her master bathroom hair now blonde. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina at the sight of Nicole. “Well I see that we are awake from our little knap? How do I look as a blonde sweety?” Nicole gloated as she looked over the uniform and sexy lingerie Sabrina was forced to take off laying on the purple satin comforter. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina shaking her head. By now her hands, feet, forearms and calves had turned bluish purple from the lack of blood flow. She moved her hands and feet just to keep the blood flowing. “Time for another selfie as a blonde this time. Looking hot as hell as usual.” Nicole said as she took the selfie sporting a blonde hair. “MMMPPPHHH!” Sabrina replied as she watched the bitch go about gloating. “Well I think its time to do up my hair and makeup and then put on my sexy lingerie.” Nicole said as she went over to the makeup table. Sabrina watched the evil woman strut over to her makeup table and sit her bare ass down on her bench. They had very similar looks with very slight differences that you would have to really look up close to tell any differences. Nicole did up her hair exactly like Sabrina. Looking at herself with her up and really like at what she saw. Nicole began applying the right amount of makeup to her face. When Nicole was done she turned around to show Sabrina the resemblance between them, it was unnoticable they looked exactly alike. “Well Sabrina, how does the new Sabrina look?” Nicole asks Sabrina as she got up and walked towards the tied up woman staring at her exact double in every way. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina in disbelief as she watched the imposter walk towards her and soon would be putting on the sexy lingerie and uniform she was forced to take off. “We look exactly alike no one will tell us apart just like identical twins. I’m going to enjoy putting the sexy lingerie you wore just a few hours ago. Getting my dominant scent into the cotton crotch of your panties, marking them as mine.” Nicole said as she picked up the light blue satin charmeuse bra. “MMMPPPHHH!” angrily came from Sabrina as she watched another woman put on her satin bra and fasten the hooks in the back. The imposter adjusted the straps slightly for a better fit. “What a really nice fitting bra, silky smooth on my skin. Time for those panties.” Nicole said picking up the panties rubbing it in that Sabrina knew she couldn’t stop Nicole from wearing the hot pink satin charmeuse string bikini panties. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina as she watched Nicole step into the hot pink satin string panties pulling them up slowly for her own enjoyment and insulting Sabrina in the process. Sabrina’s scent would no longer be inside the cotton crotch, it would be Nicole’s scent inside. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina as the satin panties were pulled into place and Nicole rubbed her hand over the crotch area to soak in any vaginal juices available. “Ah, that really felt good as my scent is now soaking into the cotton crotch. The panties feel ready good on my ass, silky smooth. Thanks for the panties Sabrina, I’ll enjoy wearing them more so than you.” Nicole rubbed it in as she picked up the right silky smooth nude color thigh high.

Sabrina tried to move around and screamed into her panty gag as she heard every insulting word Nicole said to her. “MMMPPPHHH!” as Sabrina tried to arch herself in the chair but the bondage was extremely tight and Nicole did a really good job tying her up. Sabrina watched as the imposter rolled up the right thigh high then slipped it over her toes pulling the thigh high up slowly. “Oh feels so good going over my well shaven leg, I should have found you earlier sweetie. Just think thanks to you I’ll have the best of everything. The women before had really nice wardrobes but not this kind of quality.” Nicole said to her tied up victim as she pulled the right thigh high into place. She picked up the left thigh high, rolled it up and slipped it over her toes. “MMMPPPHHH!” came from Sabrina as she watched Nicole get closer to achieving her goal of impersonating her. Sabrina screamed and tried to move as the left thigh high got pulled up the imposter’s leg into place. Nicole had a huge smile on her face smoothing out the nude color silky smooth thigh highs. “Dam these feel really good on my legs, great quality as well. Little inferior bitch like you having such fine things makes me sick to my stomach. You wonder why I did this to you, that is why. You had it, I didn’t so I decided take it by force. Love this light blue satin charmeuse slip, turns me on.” Nicole replied to Sabrina’s muffled scream. She slipped the slip over her head, letting the satin slip fall over the upper torso adjusting the straps for a little better fit. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina as she watched Nicole put on her satin charmeuse lingerie, clearly enjoying it. “MMMM, really love the feel of satin lingerie against my body especially when it’s another woman’s lingerie.” Nicole rubbed it in as she picked up the blue skirt from the bed and steps into it. “MMMPPPHHH!” reacted Sabrina in a very angry scream as she was being insulted by a woman who was stealing her life and pulling up the blue skirt she wore only a few hours ago. Nicole tucked in the light blue satin charmeuse slip as she pulled up the skirt zipped up the zipper and then fastens the outer clasp. “Awe are we upset that I’m wearing your lingerie and uniform. Well don’t worry sweetie you are not the first woman I did this to and won’t be the last either.” Nicole said as she brushed down the blue skirt, then reached underneath the skirt to pull down the satin slip. Sabrina tried to rock back and forth in the chair screaming through her panty gag “MMMPPPHHH!” as she was disgusted at what Nicole was saying to her. She was planning killing more women and her house would be used as her death chamber and grave sight. “Try as you must but you won’t get loose. You won’t be around much longer so just enjoy your time on this earth.” Nicole told Sabrina as she picks up the short sleeve light blue blouse from the bed and slips it on. She button up the buttons and picks the neck tab. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina as she watched the woman that now looked exactly like her put the finishing touches on her appearance. Nicole puts on the neck tab, adjusted it for the best fit and then slips on the shiny patent leather dress shoes with a 3 inch heel on them. “Yes a perfect fit. Now for the jacket to complete my transformation as you.” Nicole said rubbing it in as she picked up the blue jacket and slipped it on. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Sabrina as she watched Nicole button up the three silver buttons and then checking herself out in the sliding door mirror. “WOW I can’t believe how hot I look in uniform! Not only that but I look exactly like you, can’t believe my good luck. Well not so lucky for you sweetie, thanks so much for being such a naive bitch thinking that no one would get into the house and tie your ass up.” Nicole gloated as she looked herself over, checking out her ass in a military skirt that was a half inch above the knee but she would get away with it. Sabrina scream profanities at Nicole through her panty gag as she watched the bitch imposter looking herself over, gloating as she went about rubbing it in. “Such a potty mouth, glad we stuffed my panties in there. Well I think it’s time for the world to meet the new Sabrina Smith and say good bye to the old one. Don’t worry honey I’ll just tell everyone that you got yourself all tied up.” Nicole said as picked up her gun and hit the former Sabrina over the head knocking her out. “MMMPPPHHH!” came from Sabrina as she was smacked on the head. Her head dropped, her chin resting on her chest and with no movement the ropes that cut off the blood circulation, cut off even more turning Sabrina’s hands and feet even more blue.

Very satisfied with knocking out the former Sabrina Smith with knowing that she could now go out as Sabrina Smith and really enjoy her self for the very first time impersonating another woman that she looked alike in every way and no one would be able to tell the difference. She had did her homework very well, stalked her victim and practice her signature for almost a year. Video every part of Sabrina’s life from going to work, getting dressed and even going to the bathroom. There was nothing that Nicole didn’t know about Sabrina and now it was time to put it to good use. The first stop would be the lingerie store and then the gown/dress shop as practice runs. She checked the rope work and headed down stairs. Sabrina (Nicole) picked up the purse, car keys and dress cover and then headed out to the garage. She opened the car door and got in, pressing a button opening the garage door, Sabrina (Nicole) started the engine. She backed the corvette out and headed towards the store. “Love the feel of a sports car underneath me and the power between my legs.” Sabrina (Nicole) said as she headed down the driveway. Making a left towards the sexy lingerie shop and being Sabrina Smith was a feeling she really loved and for the first time plan on being for a very long time. After an hour she arrived at the lingerie store, she pulled in and shut off the engine. Opening the door she got out, locked up the door and went inside. She went about everything in the store picking out what she liked and could now afford thanks to the old Sabrina she could. Nicole use to stalk and kill her victims, take whatever money they had usually a couple hundred grand and their wardrobes. As she would do eventually cut out their uterus, ovaries and the vagina’s preserving them in formaldehyde to enjoy as trophies. Burying the bodies, then digging them up after a year gave her a sense of dominance over her unfortunate female victims. Most were business women and sexy secretaries, but now Nicole hit the jackpot. A woman in the military who was rich as hell and had the wardrobe to go with it. She bought what she wanted and decided to go over to the gown / dress shop and get a few more that she bought as Sabrina Smith. After a few hours Sabrina (Nicole) decided to head on home and enjoy her evening. She reached her new home and pulled into the driveway heading up to the garage. Sabrina (Nicole) opened the garage door and pulled the corvette in shutting off the engine, Sabrina closed the garage door and got out. She loved how the uniform moved on her body especially the skirt as it rode up her silky smooth nylon covered legs as she bent over. After retrieving the bags she went inside and unlike the real Sabrina set the alarm system. Now she felt safe and secure inside her newly acquired house and her base of operations she took everything upstairs to the master bedroom. Her first test run and it was a huge success, no one didn’t even notice the difference between her and the real Sabrina. This made her happy and now it was time to rub it into the poor little rich girl that was currently all tied up.

Sabrina (Nicole) opened the door then walked in the master bedroom, the real Sabrina was still out cold and still tightly tied up. Sabrina (Nicole) checked on her prey and she was still alive even after being hit over the head twice in one day. Sabrina (Nicole) knew that she had a better idea to secure this hot blonde. After putting away her newly bought stuff, she would retrieve her bondage leather strap that she used many times before ending the victims lives. She decided to use this on the real Sabrina and keep her for a while as a sex slave. She hung up the sexy lingerie and put away the satin panties, then hung up the 2 gowns and 2 dresses she bought. She would go and retrieve her leather strap restraint and bring it back up. Sabrina (Nicole) went through her stuff and found it along with the locks. She took it back up stairs and went to the master bedroom. The real Sabrina was still out cold so Nicole started to untie Sabrina, first was her knees and ankles. Nicole put Sabrina’s legs together and applied the ankle straps then the knee straps above and below. She locked the straps into place and then started to untie the upper body. She untied the crotch rope, then the breasts rope and then the elbow ropes, keeping the wrists tied. Nicole lifted Sabrina off the chair laying her on the floor on her stomach. Nicole put the waist strap on, secured it then took Sabrina’s wrists cutting the ropes and placing her wrists inside the wrists strap securing them inside. She took the lock and secured the wrists straps, then came the elbows. Once the elbows were secured Nicole rolled Sabrina on her back and secured the elbow strap on the front then putting a lock on it. Next came the breasts straps, Nicole fastens the strap above and then below, connecting the two with a strap between the breasts. She then secured the shoulder and neck straps securing the real Sabrina in a leather strap bondage. She would be secured unable to get free but the blood flow wouldn’t be restricted or stopped. Nicole had two more decisions to make what to do about the panty gag and what to name her sex slave. She had a leather harness that would suffice and was very effective. Nicole would keep her panties inside her slave’s mouth, they had her dominant pussy juices and scent on them marking this bitch as hers. She decided to call her sex slave Cinderella and began to remove the tape around Cinderella’s head. once this was done she untied the satin scarf and applied the leather harness keeping the panties inside Cinderella’s mouth. Using smelling salts Sabrina started to bring Cinderella around. Still groggy but better blood flow Cinderella felt her hands weren’t numb anymore neither was her feet. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella as she finally came too. “Well Cinderella my lovely sex slave you’re finally awake. That’s your new name so get use to it. You’re in a leather strap restraint, it’s a lot better than rope but it is time to put you in a hogtie.” Sabrina said grabbing a 3 foot long strap with 2 clips on either side. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella but it fell on deaf ears as Sabrina rolled her over on her stomach clipping one clip on the ankle strap pulling the lower legs up and then clipping it to the elbow strap effectively putting Cinderella into a hogtie.

“There now my little bitch, you can just roll around on the floor as I get undressed and enjoy a glass of wine in the nude. I just love my new life and thanks a million for it too.” Sabrina gloated as she slipped off the dress shoes then unbutton the 3 silver buttons on the blue jacket. “MMMPPPHHH!” Cinderella screamed as she watched another woman take of her Air Force uniform that she once wore so proudly. The blue jacket was slid off the imposter’s shoulders then off her body. The imposter laid it on the bed, removed the neck tab tossing it on the bed and then started to unbutton the buttons on the light blue blouse. “Girl I have a lot of stuff planned for you. I know you’re upset seeing another woman wearing your uniform and lingerie then impersonating you but I love it. You were my perfect target and couldn’t pass the opportunity up. A beautiful house, expensive cars, clothes and money out the ass. So you see I really do enjoy what I did to you in every way. I have a sex slave and you get to live so do as you’re told or face the penalty.” Sabrina told her sex slave as she slid off the light blue blouse. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella as she came to realized that this crazy bitch was dead serious in her plans. She watched as the light blue blouse came off and laid on the bed. Next she watched the outer clasp get unfasten then the zipper being unzipped. “I am the dominant female between the two of us. You just kept on slipping by all those women who thought about it but didn’t have the virgina to do it. I did and look at what I did, took out a inferior female and preventing her from mating and passing on her inferior genes on to the next generation. My dominant genetics will be passed on instead of yours. I think two girls with black hair will do the trick. What do you think slave?” Sabrina asks as she slid down the blue skirt and stepped out of it. She laid it on the bed and pulled up the the light blue satin charmeuse slip taking it off as Cinderella watched and knew that she had no chance of escaping from this woman who was impersonating her. She just watched as the satin slip was removed and then the light blue satin charmeuse bra was unfasten then taken off. The exposed perky 35c breasts of the imposter was just as firm and perfect as hers. The satin bra was tossed on the bed. The imposter was sliding down the silky smooth nude color thigh highs one at a time being careful not to snag them causing a run. Once the thigh highs were removed the imposter slid down the hot pink satin string charmeuse panties down and stepped out of them. “MMMPPPHHH!” came from Cinderella as as she saw the imposter in her full beauty. “Well time to hang up my uniform and put my lingerie into the dirty laundry chute, but first take a good whiff of dominance from my panties.” Sabrina said as she put the cotton crotch on the nose of Cinderella. She tried as best as she could but Cinderella had to breath and took a good whiff of the cotton crotch. “That’s it breath it in and enjoy it because from now on that is what you are going to smell and taste when you learn who is your master bitch.” Sabrina said as she removed her panties from Cinderella’s nose. She gathered up the lingerie and took it into the bathroom and put it down the laundry chute. She came back out and hung up her uniform and put away the dress shoes.   

“MMMMPPPPHHHH MMMMPPPPHHHH MMMMPPPPHHHH!” Cinderella angrily screamed at the imposter in discuss as she walked pass her heading down stairs to get a glass of wine. “Don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back!” Sabrina said with a laugh and went down strutting her stuff in the buff. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella as she watched the imposter walk out of the master bedroom. Sabrina came down the steps going into the kitchen walking around the house nude for the first time felt great. She got a bottle of red wine and a glass, poured herself a glass and went back upstairs with the bottle in the other hand. She re entered the bedroom with Cinderella looking up at her with discuss, “MMMPPPHHH!” came from her sex slave as she turned on the TV and started drink the wine. After a few sips Sabrina decided to put away her uniform. She opened the second sliding mirror door the lights turned on automatically, she went inside and grabbed the 2 hangers. Sabrina took the blue skirt clipped it to the hanger then took the light blue blouse and put it on the hanger. “MMMPPPHHH!” came from Cinderella as she watched the imposter getting the uniform ready to be put away. Sabrina just ignored the muffled protest and put the blue jacket on the hanger and took the 2 hangers into the walk in closet hanging them up she stoops down picks up the dress shoes and puts them away in their own walk in closet and came out to enjoy some fine wine, TV and her sex slave roll around on the floor in her leather bondage. “Well time to enjoy my evening and night watching my sex slave struggle in her bondage and drink some wine.” Sabrina told her sex slave as she drank the wine and watched Cinderella struggle. “MMMPPPHHH!” Cinderella screamed as she struggle in vain against the bondage, she was getting tired from all struggling and not to mention the 2 blows to her head took their toll on her and she soon passed out. Sabrina laughed when Cinderella passed out and raised her glass to the passed out woman and thanked her for the great life she would now enjoy for a very long time. She decided to put her sex slave Cinderella inside the forth walk in closet for the night. Sabrina enjoyed the first night in her new home. After putting Cinderella inside the walk in closet she decided to take the bottle of wine down stairs, get something to eat and get the holding cage out and take it upstairs. Once she got it upstairs, she quickly assembled the cage and put Cinderella inside and locked it up. Sabrina laid on the satin covered bed and watched TV and fell asleep. After a good night sleep Sabrina woke up and heard the muffled cries of Cinderella. She got up went into the bathroom, did her business wiped herself and came out. She opened the 4th walk in closet door and when the lights came on her sex slave was screaming through her gag. “I guess you have to use the bathroom. I’ll unhook you then you can hop to the toilet. Don’t do something stupid like trying to escape. If you do you’ll suffer the consequences you understand.” Sabrina said opening the cage and dragging Cinderella out. “MMMPPPHHH!” nodding YES to the imposter as she felt the leather strap holding her in a hogtie get unclipped. Her legs were let down and she was assisted to her knees then onto her feet. Cinderella hopped over to the toilet and did her business. Sabrina wiped her sex slave, washed her hands and made Cinderella back into the master bedroom. Cinderella was sat down on the metal chair she was originally tied too and with the leather strap used to put her into a hogtie was used to hold her to the chair. “There now you can enjoy the day with me. I need something to eat as well, just maybe get you something too. As my sex slave you’ll be bathed once a day, toilet a few times a day and fed once a day. I don’t want you dieing on me, not until i’m ready to get rid of you.” Sabrina said taking another strap and securing the legs making sure her slave couldn’t hop away. “MMMPPPHHH!” responded Cinderella as she agreed to the terms that the imposter told her knowing that it was her best chance to survive this female serial killer. Sabrina turned on the TV and went down stairs to make some breakfast. Cinderella tested the leather restraints that held her and it was obvious it would never give way so she just stopped and would accept the bondage until she was able to escape. Sabrina came back up and ate first as her sex slave watched then she put her plate down and walked over to her sex slave. “I’m going to ungag you, if you scream or try to talk without permission you’ll be gagged and punished. No food or water and a good whipping understand.” Sabrina said to Cinderella and her sex slave nodded and Sabrina undid the leather gag harness, pulled it off and pulled the panties out of the mouth. Cinderella coughed as her throat was dry and Sabrina gave her some water. “Drink and say thank you mistress when your done, understand.” said Sabrina as she had Cinderella a drink of water. “Thank you mistress.” came from Cinderella as she thanked her mistress for the water. “Open your mouth and eat.” Sabrina directed her sex slave. Cinderella ate her food and enjoyed the first meal since lunch yesterday on the base. she could feel the weak sensation go away and wondered when  she was going to get a shower. “The spare walk in closet will be your holding cell and you’ll shower down the hall in the spare bathroom after today. This belongs to me now and you can’t use it anymore. I get to wear your wardrobe and no clothing for you ever. You’ll stay completely nude at all times. So it’s time to get you showered.” Sabrina said taking out handcuffs one pair with a 3 foot chain on them so Cinderella could walk and step into the shower. “Yes mistress.” came the reply as she watched the imposter get ready to unstrap her. “If you try to escape or fight I’ll kill you understand me.” Sabrina told her sex slave with a stern voice. “Yes mistress.” responded Cinderella as she watched the imposter remove the holding straps, stand her up and then felt the wrists restraint being undone. Cinderella didn’t move as the handcuffs being applied and tighten enough so she couldn’t get free. Sabrina removed the ankle restraint then applied the leg cuffs and then removed the rest of the leather restraint for later use. “Lets go move your ass in the shower.” Sabrina directed her sex slave as she slapped Cinderella on her ass. “Yes mistress.” Cinderella replied as she went into the shower she used so many time before, but would never use it again after this shower. Sabrina washed the sex slave and then dried her off. Sabrina then took her sex slave back out to the master bedroom and reapplied the leather restraint and the leather strap clipped to the knees and chest putting her in a front sitting hogtie. Cinderella was put against the large dresser to watch the imposter go about her business enjoying the life she once had. “Now you keep quiet or you’ll get gagged. I need to get your new home ready for you Cinderella. Just remain quiet and watch TV while I get your room ready.” Sabrina said as she went to get what she need to install a lock on the door and a video camera to watch her sex slave 24 hours a day. “Yes mistress.” replied Cinderella as she watched the imposter leave the master bedroom. The imposter returned then installed the lock and the video camera. Once this was done Sabrina put back the tools and did a check on the video. Everything worked out fine and she did up the holding cage a lot better. Now the room was ready for her sex slave to use to sleep and so she could hide her when needed as the room would be made soundproof soon enough. “Well the holding room is done and ready for you to use it. What to do today, try on my newly acquired wardrobe. I really love satin charmeuse, it’s my favorite fabric to wear. I have killed 9 women to get theirs along with the money they had. Maxed out their credit cards shopping for more but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more from them so I decided to remove their overies, uterous and vagina’s as trophies of my dominace over them. It wasn’t good enough for me to knock them out, strip them nude, tie them up and panty gag them. I wanted to make sure that the women being dominated would never mate and produce offspring with inferior genetics. My first two when I was in high school. Killed the little blonde bitches and took their satin charmeuse gowns, panties, nylons, shoes and jewelry. My next kill was a very young and pretty secretary, 5 of them to be exact. The 8th was a flight attendant and the last one was a young business exec who had a little more than the first 8. After their bodies decomposed, I dug them back up cleaned their bones by boiling them and putting the bones in plastic containers for safe keeping. Now you come along and jackpot I hit it really big, no fucken way I was passing you up. You were really stupid for not using your alarm system. It gave me a big advantage of dominating you with no problems. Now my name is Sabrina Smith and your sex slave name is Cinderella. No longer will you be a woman in military uniform, I am and will be for now on and forever. I plan on bring up my trophies and placing them on my new dresser. My skeleton remains will stay down stairs. As I was stalking you, my 9th victim was decomposing nicely and I dug her skeleton up just before I conquered you.” Sabrina told Cinderella as she retrieved a ball gag to use on her sex slave. Cinderella didn’t respond to what she was told and thought it would probably save her life if she didn’t. “Open up Cinderella.” Sabrina told her sex slave and Cinderella complied. She felt the ball gag go in and the imposter fasten the straps in place, making sure Cinderella would be quiet. Cinderella would watch an imposter get dressed in her expensive sexy lingerie, gowns, dresses and military uniforms. This woman did her job extremely well and was able to pull off impersonating her at the stores she always went to and shopped, next would be the military base and the department she worked in. The imposter was able to get a hold of her passwords to the computers at work, giving her full access to Top Secret Material. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella at the imposter as she fastens the straps holding the ball gag into place. “There now, all nice and quiet. I can go through my newly acquired wardrobe without a peep from you. I say lets start with the satin charmeuse gowns.” Sabrina said opening up the 1st walk in closet. Before her was a long line of satin charmeuse gowns in every color. She would enjoy the feel of silky smooth fabric against her skin. Cinderella watched as the imposter put on gown after gown on until it was time for bed. “Well it’s time to head to bed and put you away for the night as well my little sex slave.” Sabrina said as she walked towards Cinderella in the nude. “MMMPPPHHH!” screamed Cinderella as she watched the imposter came towards her. The imposter Sabrina unclipped the front hogtie strap, assisted her sex slave up and holding her as Cinderella hopped into the 4th walk in closet which was now her imprisonment. Cinderella was put into her holding cage and the cage was locked up. Cinderella watched the imposter strut out and closed the sliding door, locking it up as well.

The next couple of days were the same and it was the 7th of July and the day had come to get ready to head to the base. Sabrina got up and headed to the bathroom taking a hot shower. She dried off, went over to the bra and panty drawer. Sabrina picked out a white satin charmeuse bra with matching satin charmeuse string bikini panties. Sabrina put these on and picked out a pair of silky smooth nude color thigh highs. She carefully put these on then headed to the walk in closet containing the Air Force uniforms. Sabrina picked a fresh uniform to wear, she put on the ribbons, badges, rank insignias and name tags on in the proper lace. The uniform she forced the real Sabrina to take off would be a trophy and would be sealed in a plastic garment bag. She put on the uniform and opened the sliding mirror door grabbing a pair of patent leather dress shoes with a 3 inch heel on them. She slips them on, does a double check in the sliding door mirror. Pleased Sabrina headed out down stairs and into the garage. She opens the corvette’s driver side door and got in pushing the button opening the garage door. She started up the vette, backed out closed the garage door set the alarm system and headed to the base. Sabrina got to the base after an hour drive and with the proper id was let on the base as she saluted back. After arriving at the office the real Sabrina went to, she did her job without a hint of trouble. Her fellow Air Force personnel talked to her as if she was the real Sabrina. This was the final test and Nicole passed it with flying colors. She went home and couldn’t wait to rub it into Cinderella knowing this would upset her but crush her as will as well. Sabrina ran upstairs and rubbed it in real good as was suspected it broke the real Sabrina’s will and she caved into Nicole’s desire to keep her as a sex slave for a long time. After 5 years Sabrina got tired of Cinderella and decided to look for another sex slave. She had killed another 3 women since she took over Sabrina’s identity. Sabrina kept Cinderella in good shape to be sold at auction. Cinderella was sold for a very nice price and Sabrina picked up a younger sex slave barely twenty years old. Cinderella by now was over Europe and was owned by a woman in her mid thirties. Sabrina kept on killing and bought and sold a few more sex slaves in the next twenty years. Sabrina (Nicole) would eventually kill 30 young beautiful women by the time she was 50 years old and she decided it was time to retire as a serial killer. Rich beyond her wildest dreams she could never forget about a woman that was suppose to be her tenth victim but instead was sold as a sex slave.

The End